Video reveals arrest as BMW leads Georgia deputies on high speed chase

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – Dashcam video from a high speed pursuit in Camden County was released to News4Jax on Friday, and deputies revealed new details about the events leading up to the dramatic chase.

According to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, 36-year-old David Nourmand of South Florida nearly forced a woman off the road while traveling along I-95.

“She was picking up the phone to dial 911 to report it when the deputy saw him and started to chase him," said Capt. Larry Bruce.

Video shows the moment investigators said Nourmand’s car whizzed by a deputy in a BMW M3, a high performance sports car.

“He was driving at more than 130 miles per hour when our deputies tracked him," Bruce said. "He wanted to pull over, tried to, then suddenly he sped off, which created a chase.”

Video shows the deputy, who gave chase in a high performance Dodge Charger, was able to keep the BMW in sight. The deputy continues to whiz by other vehicles to close in on the BMW, but the M3 is too fast.

Investigators said the chase lasted for nearly five miles before Nourmand pulled over, allowing the deputy to catch up.

“He decided he wasn’t going to outrun anybody, so, he just pulled over and gave up," Bruce said.

Nourmand is pulled out of the car at gunpoint and arrested, the video shows. The deputy who chased him was visibly upset and asked why the man led him on a chase, but the deputy said he didn’t get a clear answer. Video captured their conversation, and the Armound told the deputy he was transporting the car.

According to investigators, the car being transported had an expired tag.

Records obtained by News4Jax on Saturday show Nourmand was charged with criminal impersonation and robbery in New York back in 2015. Investigators said he impersonated a police officer in two vehicle stops, and in a separate incident, investigators said he robbed a woman of her cellphone.

Nourmand faces multiple charges and as of Friday afternoon, he remained in the Camden County jail on a $5,000 bond.

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