What races on the ballot in the Georgia Primary?

Voters in Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Glynn, Pierce and Ware counties asked to vote in races from US Senate to their county’s elected officials

Tens of thousands of absentee ballots in Georgia’s pandemic-delayed primary have already been returned as in-person voting begins Monday. It includes both the presidential preference primary that was pushed back from March 24 and party nominees for a U.S. Senate seat, U.S. House seats, as well as state and local races that would have been on the May 19 primary ballot that is now set for June 9.

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Presidential Preference Primary

It may seem irrelevant now that Vice President Joe Biden is the only Democratic candidate still running against President Donald Trump, but there are 11 other Democrats still on the primary ballot. But if you had a sentimental favorite, you can still show your support.

Georgia seats in the U.S. Senate

The biggest prize -- and intrigue -- in this election year in Georgia are the state’s two seats in the U.S. Senate. Rarely are both Senate seats in a state up for election at the same time, but Sen. Johnny Isakson’s resignation for health reasons late last year set up a crowded special election for the seat to be held this November and likely continuing onto a runoff election in January 2021.

The normal election process is playing out now is for the seat currently held by Sen. David Perdue, who has no Republican opponent in this primary but seven Democrats are running in the primary and a Libertarian and an independent candidate also qualified to be on the General Election ballot in November.

David Perdue - incumbent
Campaign website: perduesenate.com
Sarah Riggs Amico - executive chairwoman of Georgia Democratic party
Campaign website: sarahforgeorgia.com
Marckeith DeJesue - healthcare professional
Campaign website: www.votedejesus.com
James Knox - U.S. Air Force (retired)
Campaign website: knox4senate.com
Tricia Carpenter McCracken - journalist
Campaign website: none found
Jon Ossoff - journalist
Campaign website: electjon.com
Maya Dillard Smith - attorney
Campaign website: mayaforgeorgia.com
Teresa Pike Tomlinson - attorney
Campaign website: teresatomlinson.com

1st Congressional District

U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter is running for a fourth term in the U.S. House representing all of coastal Georgia but has drawn opposition from his own party as well as the Democrats.

Earl “Buddy” Carter - incumbent
Campaign website: buddycarterforcongress.com
Joyce Marie Griggs - retired military
Campaign website: griggsforcongress.com
Danny Merritt - business owner/U.S. Army
Campaign website: merrittforcongress.com
Lisa Ring - educator
Campaign website: lisaringforcongress.com
Ken Yasger - server
Campaign website: yasgerforcongress.com
Barbara Seidman - retired
Campaign website: seidmanforcongress.com
Southeast Georgia's state Senate districts

State Senate District 3

Sen. William Ligon, of White Oak, who has represented Brantley, Camden, Glynn and eastern Charlton counties for a decade, announced in February he would not seek reelection. Three Republicans qualified and are running for this open seat in the Georgia Legislature. There is no Democrat in the race.

Sheila McNeill - military advocate
Campaign website: thecamdenpardenship.com
David Sharpe - business owner
Campaign website: sharpeforsenate.com
Cody Smith - small business owner
Campaign website: cody4gasenate.com

The Senate district that includes western Charlton County along with Ware, Pierce and several counties to the west is represented by Tyler Harper, a businessman and farmer from Ocilla. He is unopposed for re-election.

Southeast Georgia state House districts

State House District 167

District includes northern Glynn County and all of McIntosh County.

Buddy Deloach - retired
Campaign website: buddydeloach.com
Jeff Jones - business owner
Campaign website: votejeffjones.com

State House District 174

Republican Rep. John Corbett, a business owner and farmer from Lake Park, is unopposed for another term representing Clinch, southern Ware and Charlton counties and southeastern Camden County

State House District 178

Republican Rep. Steven Meeks, a farmer from Screven, is unopposed for reelection in this district that represents Brantley, Pierce and southern Wayne counties.

State House District 179

This district covers southern Glynn County, including Brunswick, Jekyll and St. Simons Islands.

Don Hogan (incumbent) - retired
Campaign website: facebook.com/repdonhogan/
Julie Jordan - retired educator
Campaitn website: julieforgeorgia.com

State House District 180

Republican Rep. Steven Sainz, who is CEO of Camden Connection, is unopposed for reelection in this district that represents northern Camden and northern Charlton counties.

Georgia Public Service Commission

Seats on northern and southern districts of the Public Service Commission are up for election this year.

Northern District

Lauren Bubba McDonald Jr. (incumbent) - businessmanDaniel Blackman - business manager
John Noel - business owner

Southern District

Jason Shaw (incumbent) - businessman and farmerRobert G. Bryant - educator

Races in Southeast Georgia counties

Uncontested races are not included in this list.

Brantley County

  • BRANTLEY COUNTY SHERIFF: Incumbent Len Davis drew opposition from Philip Popwell. Both are Republicans.
  • CHAIRMAN OF BRANTLEY COUNTY COMMISSION: Republicans Sonja Bullard is running against incumbent Republican Chris Harris.
  • BRANTLEY COUNTY COMMISSIONER, POST 2: Harold Herndon is running against Jimmy Smith for this open seat. Both are Republicans.
  • BRANTLEY COUNTY COMMISSIONER, POST 3: Incumbent Randy Davidson drew opposition from David Heiman. Both are Republicans.
  • BRANTLEY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, POST 1: Michael Kersey is running against incumbent Teresa Lairsey for this non-partisan seat.
  • BRANTLEY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, POST 3: David Herrin and Dennis Howell are running for this open, non-partisan seat.
  • BRANTLEY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, POST 5: Kathy Hendrix is running against incumbent Kerry Mathie for this non-partisan seat.

Camden County

  • CAMDEN COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, DISTRICT 1: Incumbent Lannie Brant is being challenged by fellow Republican Tyler Murray and three Democrats: Monica McGowan, Walter Spencer and Kevin Walker.
  • CAMDEN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, DISTRICT 3: Incumbent Jimmy Coffel is being challenged by Cheryl Ann Honeycutt in this non-partisan race.

Charlton County

  • CHARLTON COUNTY SHERIFF: After 27 years, Sheriff “Dobie” Conner is not seeking reelection. Republicans Clay Burnsed and Robert Phillips are running for the job.

Gynn County

  • GLYNN COUNTY COUNTY COMMISSIONER, AT LARGE POST 2: Incumbent Republican Bob Coleman is facing four opponents: Republicans Bo Clark and Walter Rafolski and Democrats Fred Griffith and Taylor Ritz.
  • GLYNN COUNTY COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 1: Incumbent Michael Floyd Browning is being challenged by fellow Republican Samuel Tostensen.
  • GLYNN COUNTY COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 2: Republicans Cap Fendig and Mike Haugen and Democrat Julian “Puddy” Smith are running for this open seat.
  • GLYNN COUNTY TAX COMMISSIONER: Incumbent Jeff Chapman, a Republican, is being challenged by Democrat Utrina “Trina” Rankin.
  • GLYNN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, AT LARGE POST 2: Incumbent Jerry Mancil, a Republican, is challenged by Regina Johnson, a Democrat.
  • GLYNN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, DISTRICT 5: Democrats Shawn Brown and Audrey Gibbons are running for this open seat.

Pierce County

  • PIERCE COUNTY SHERIFF: Incumbent Ramsey Bennett is being challenged by three fellow Republicans: Robby Boatright, Gary Simmons and Greg Stone.
  • PIERCE COUNTY COMMISSION, DISTRICT 1: Incumbent Harold Rozier is being challenged by fellow Republican Weyland Yoemans and Democrat Tyrone Harris.
  • PIERCE COUNTY CORONER: Mandy Alvey-Smith and W.K. “Bill” Cselle, both Republicans, are challenging incumbent William Wilson Jr., also a Republican.
  • PIERCE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, DISTRICT 1: Kirby Malone, Thomansine Ricks and Steven Whitehead are running for this open, non-partisan seat.

Ware County

  • WARE COUNTY SHERIFF: Incumbent Randy Royal, a Republican, is being challenged by Democrat Chris Tatum.
  • WARE COUNTY COMMISSION CHAIRMAN: Republicans Carl Sears, Freddie Smith and Elmer Thrift are running for this open seat.
  • WARE COUNTY COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 4: Incumbent Steve Bernard Sr. is being challenged by fellow Republican Jimmy Carter.
  • WARE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, DISTRICT 1: Toni Nelson and Jene Walker are running for this open, non-partisan seat.
  • WARE COUNTY JUDGE OF PROBATE COURT: Incumbent Calvin Bennett is being challenged by Timothy “Timmy” Lucas in this non-partisan race.
  • WARE COUNTY JUDGE OF STATE COURT: Addie Gibson, Tommy Hatfield and Sean Simmons are running in this open, non-partisan race.

Primary information from the Elections Division of the Georgia Secretary of State, augmented by other research by News4Jax.