High-speed Georgia chase reaches speeds of 117 mph

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – Dash cam video released by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office reveals a high speed pursuit that reached speeds of 117 mph down a winding road in Georgia.

It all started with a deputy spotted a white SUV speeding along I-95 southbound. Video shows when a deputy tries to pull the SUV over, the driver speeds up and then gets off the highway.

As the chase continues down Vacuna Road, the SUV is seen weaving in between traffic traveling in both directions. At one point, the driver of an oncoming car is forced off the road.

Moments later the SUV squeezes between vehicles then clips the driver’s side of a white minivan.

The pursuing deputy slows down because tight curves are just ahead. Moments later, the deputy finds the SUV, which appears to have lost control and crashed into a wooded area.

Deputies said the driver of the SUV, identified as Justine Bauer, of Jacksonville, ran from the scene and was captured hours later in a nearby neighborhood.

According to investigators, the vehicle was reported stolen from an area near Savannah.

Camden County authorities said Bauer is suspected in multiple thefts in and around the Savannah Georgia area and is also a suspect in a previous high speed chase in Chatham County.

Bauer faces 16 charges in Camden County, which are related to the chase.

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