Ware County students back in class for the first day of school

WARE COUNTY, Ga. – Ware County students are returning to the classroom Monday for the first day of school. The district is providing masks for schools campus but not requiring students or staff wear them. It is highly encouraged, however.

One place masks are required is on the school buses.

Last week, some Ware County staff members tested positive for coronavirus and the district put additional safety plans in place, including:

  • If someone is found to have COVID-19-like symptoms on campus, that person must quarantine for 10 school days if a COVID test comes back positive.
  • If the positive COVID-19 case was isolated to one classroom, all students in that classroom will be notified.
  • The same protocol stands if the positive case spread across multiple classrooms.
  • Those who are exposed may return to school after the 10-school-days quarantine period has passed, as long as they have no symptoms.

In nearby Camden County, Monday was the first day masks are mandatory for students and staff. School started two weeks ago, but the district announced the policy change after Camden County was deemed a COVID-19 hot spot.

The Camden County school district said there are exceptions to the mask rule for those with documented medical needs and disabilities.

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