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Bad gas? 15+ cars break down after filling up at Southeast Georgia gas station

ST. MARYS, Ga. – Nearly two dozen people were left stranded on the side of the road Saturday after filling up their tanks at a Southeast Georgia gas station.

Pain at the pump meant more than high gas prices for Adrianna Garland after filling up her mom’s car with gas at the Pilot Travel Center in St. Marys on Saturday evening.

“I filled up, made it maybe a mile on the highway going to Jacksonville and then the car just started shaking and it stopped running,” Garland, who was stranded for more than three hours, told News4Jax.

Garland wasn’t the only person stuck on the side of the road.

About 20 cars broke down after police say drivers filled up their tanks at the Pilot.

One of the cars that broke down after getting gas at a Southeast Georgia gas station. (Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

Sergio Rodriquez recorded cell phone video showing multiple trucks and cars stalled. A U-Haul truck could be seen being towed away.

St. Marys Police officers were also seen outside near the pumps and inside the store speaking with customers.

News4Jax tried to contact Pilot to ask if it knows what caused the cars to break down, but we have not heard back.

Garland’s mother said the general manager told her the company is helping out.

“She did say that everyone was going to have to pay for the costs upfront and to make sure to save all receipts and they would be hopefully reimbursing people. I don’t know how much it’s going to cost, how much it’s going to take,” Jennifer Gipson said.

Garland and Gipson aren’t sure what damages their car faces but they’re hoping it will start up again soon.

The St. Mary’s Police Department said a state agency will be conducting the investigation.

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