Sheriff threatens lawsuit if county won’t provide more money

WOODBINE, Ga. – The sheriff of Camden County says he may sue county leaders because they won’t increase his budget.

Sheriff Jim Proctor is expressing frustration, with The Brunswick News reporting he wants to increase pay for deputies and jail guards.

Proctor said law enforcement faces “unprecedented challenges” recruiting and retaining “the best and brightest men and women to patrol your streets, secure your courts, and answer your calls for help.”

“The law is clear that the budget allotted to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office by the Camden County Commission must be sufficient to allow me to fulfill our duties as a law enforcement agency,” Proctor said. “The law is also clear that it is up to me and my management team to determine how best to use those funds.”

Proctor said his department spends “judiciously” to provide public safety, but that he will “push back and speak loudly” when he doesn’t have enough money.

Sheriff’s Capt. Larry Bruce said Proctor has contacted an Atlanta attorney who has represented other law enforcement agencies in Georgia experiencing funding problems.

“Litigation is very possible to assist the sheriff’s office with the funding that is required to maintain the quality and quantity of personnel needed to maintain a safe environment for the citizens and visitors to Camden County,” Bruce said.

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