21 things Georgians have to explain to out-of-towners

It’s a southern thing — you just wouldn’t understand.

What is something that someone from Georgia might have to explain to an out-of-towner?

People born in Georgia, and even parts of Florida, may do or say things that make out-of-towners scratch their heads.

Whether it’s juicy peaches, pollen, or saying “y’all”— some things Georgians do may seem like they are from a different planet.

We asked our News4JAX viewers: What is something that someone from Georgia might have to explain to an out-of-towner?

We went first, saying putting peanuts in a Coke! We spoke about this a few years ago and people were SHOOK that someone would combine a snack and a beverage.

Also, here’s something that out-of-towners have never heard of or maybe don’t understand: dry counties. That’s right, there are multiple counties in Georgia that don’t sell liquor -- AT ALL. Although consumers can legally drink there, alcohol sales are not permitted in these counties. And depending on where you live, don’t even think about purchasing alcohol on Sunday!

Here are some responses from people who live, and/or grew up in, Georgia:

  • “Claxton fruit cake!” Christina Sypolt said.
  • “Chicken and dressing for Thanksgiving,” Cherry Trevelyan, who lives near Tifton, Georgia said.
  • “That pecan logs are dessert,” Lo Gordon said.
  • “If y’all ever go through Jesup, hold your nose!” Ginger Duncan said. The “smell of money” stinks around there when the wind blows.”
  • “Sweet tea is a food group,” Robin said.
  • “I eat fried potato sandwiches,” Dianne W. said. “You slice your potatoes fry them put them on light bread with salt pepper and mayo and eat it as a sandwich.”
  • “Boiled peanuts and 1/2 and 1/2 tea,” Janice Bessinger said.
  • “How to pronounce Cairo (a city in Grady County, Georgia),” Debbie Tucker said.
  • “Slang words such as ‘get to getting’, ‘B-Wick’, ‘fixin’ to’, and ‘Bless Your Heart’,” Mallory Lindsey said.
  • “Watermelon crawl,” Becky Kersey said.
  • Outsider: Where are you from? Me: Georgia. Outsider: Oh, Atlanta? Me: No, Brunswick. Outsider: Where? Me: Yeah -- Atlanta. I’m from Atlanta.” - Raechell Williams
  • “The air smells better in Georgia!” Alice Taylor said. “That’s what my mama told me and I taught my children the same thing!”
  • “Why “dog” is spelled Dawg!” Cindy Ragland said.
  • “It’s called Georgia-Florida, not Florida-Georgia,” Austin Keller said. “One is the band, the other is the football game. GO DAWGS.”
  • “Fixing a sandwich with just a tomato,” one commenter said.
  • “Peaches and Vidalia onions,” Joy Harvey said.
  • “Eating watermelon with salt on it,” Marty Flanagan said.
  • “Expresso 41 is the best coffee around,” one Georgian said.

Did we miss one? Be sure to submit something you do -- that some people just don’t get -- below!

About the Author:

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