911 calls released in Georgia double murder-suicide

GBI: Former Glynn County officer killed himself after killing ex-wife, friend

By Kent Justice - Anchor/reporter, Colette DuChanois - Web producer

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - The Glynn County Police Department began Thursday gradually releasing documents and audio recordings in the investigation into the death of former Glynn County Police Lt. Corey Sasser and the killings of his ex-wife, Katie Kettles-Sasser, and her friend, Johnny Edward Hall Jr.

Among the audio records released was an emotional 911 call made by Kettles-Sasser's mother. The call sheds light on the family's fear of Sasser. 

"Oh my God. This can’t be happening," she can be heard saying on the call, crying.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Sasser, 41, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound during a SWAT standoff at his home hours after Kettles-Sasser, 34, and Hall, 39, were shot and killed Thursday night at Hall's home in neighboring McIntosh County during a confrontation with Sasser that involved an exchange of gunfire. 

After the shooting at Hall's home near Darien, Georgia, it didn't take long for authorities to know who they were looking for.

"The girl told me immediately she heard six shots. The guy's down in his driveway. They don't think he's breathing. He's not moving," a woman at Brunswick 911 Center can be heard in one of the audio recordings. "They told me that the suspect is Corey Sasser. He's driving a silver Toyota Tacoma. He's wearing a green Under Armour shirt and that's all that we know."

Authorities confirmed Hall was dead in his driveway. 

When Kettles-Sasser's mother heard about the shooting, she called 911. 

Caller (Kettle-Sasser's mother): "I have just heard that someone has been hurt very badly, and we are feared for our lives."
911 Operator: "OK. What do you mean, someone's been hurt very badly?"
Caller:  "I've heard that John, this guy named John, was killed ... And Corey Sasser killed him, and he may be on the way here. He has threatened to hurt us before."

LISTEN: Audio of 911 call made by Kettles-Sasser's mother

The woman said she was afraid of her former son-in-law, who had recently gone through a bitter divorce with her daughter.

Operator: "You said your daughter is at 200 Promenade?"
Caller: "Yes, yes, her name is Katie Kettles. It's her ex-husband, Corey Sasser."
Operator: "Alright sweetheart. You're doing a good job, OK?"
Caller: "OK. I just turned all the lights off in this home, because I don't want him coming by here and seeing where we are."

Kettles-Sasser's mother can be heard crying throughout the call.

Caller: "Oh my God, and I haven't talked to my daughter, Katie. I don't know if she's alright."
Operator: "Take a deep breath for me, OK?"

Operators tried to keep the woman calm during the call as they sent officers to her home and Kettles-Sasser's home.

Caller: "Is anyone at Promenade yet? Oh my God. Oh my God. My daughter could have been with John. Oh my God."

When officers arrived at Hall's home, they found Kettles-Sasser dead inside. Her mother had not been told. But it seems as if she already knew. 

Caller: "Oh my God. I knew this was gonna happen."

After the shootings at Hall's home in McIntosh County, authorities said, Sasser then led law enforcement to his Glynn County neighborhood where the standoff ensued and ended with his death. Initially, authorities said Cory Sasser was shot in the chest, but they didn't know if he was hit during the gunfire in McIntosh County or shot himself. Neighbors said he was parked in the driveway and refused to get out of his truck. The back window had been shot out, and police found Sasser's body inside.

The autopsy released by the GBI on Monday shows he killed himself.

Sasser had been arrested in May on charges of simple battery and criminal trespassing after his wife said he threatened to kill her and a guest while trying to kick in her door. Sasser was placed on administrative leave without pay pending an investigation.

Authorities said the couple had been separated for three months.

Sasser had been free on bond after the May incident but was arrested again after another police standoff in the woods in Glynn County. He was charged with possession of a gun in that case.

On Friday, the Glynn County Police Department is expected to release documents related to those arrests.

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