Flooding hits South Shores neighborhood after heavy rains

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friday’s heavy rains and the week’s astronomical high tides have caused flooding throughout Jacksonville. One area hit hard was the South Shores neighborhood just east of San Marco.

Yards and roads in South Shores were covered by water. It’s nothing new to many residents like Breanna Thornton.

“It’s horrible to live right here to be honest. I’ve called the city multiple times and I haven’t gotten any answers,“ Thornton said.

Originally, South Shores was swampland, and the city is looking to turn the area back into that. The city has been working with residents on a home buyout program.

Seventeen homes are on the buyout list, and there are plans for additional homes. The $4.5 million buyout plan is in the works with FEMA and the city.

Several people told News4Jax on Friday that they are having second thoughts about participating in the buyout. One man, who asked not to be identified, said he has not heard much from the city in the past two years.

“I’m pretty much thinking I’m going to withdraw... from the program," he said. “Sell this because I’ve had all kinds of offers on it.”

Others who talked with News4Jax hinted at doing the same. They said they are still waiting on an offer from the city.

A spokesperson said the city of Jacksonville is in the process of sending letters to homeowners in the area. The city is also working to get an appraiser for the properties. FEMA is looking into what will be involved with some of the homes that are considered historic properties. The city is waiting on more information from FEMA.

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