Jaguars’ losing streak has season ticket holders considering not renewing

Some of the most dedicated fans are even thinking of jumping ship

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Another dismal loss for the Jaguars has some of the most dedicated Jaguars fans -- season ticket holders who have sat through a lot more losses than wins -- thinking of jumping ship.

News4Jax was told season ticket holders have to make the decision to renew their tickets around March, and some are already considering not renewing.

“Extensively frustrated,” Jaguars season ticket holder and die-hard fan Michael Gowdy told News4Jax on Monday. “In our section, in 202, up there, everybody’s screaming for (Doug) Marrone’s head.”

Gowdy has a token that’s given for buying season tickets for a decade. He has only sat through one winning season in that time.

“Awful decade,” Gowdy said. “I mean what can you say. We’re like close to Cleveland’s numbers as far as wins the last 10 years.”

Michael Gowdy holds a token given for buying season tickets for a decade.
Michael Gowdy holds a token given for buying season tickets for a decade. (WJXT)

But he still plops down about $6,000 a year on Jags swag, including tickets and food at the games. One has to wonder whether he will be a season ticket holder for an 11th season.

“Look at this shirt. This shirt is not cheap,” Gowdy said. “I have merch out the ying-yang for this team. That’s a lot of money.”

News4Jax sat down with another die-hard fan, Jon Fichter, who has become nationally known for his Jaguars-themed apartment with teal and black from floor to ceiling.

“It’s been rough, super rough. Two years ago, we think we’re going to a Super Bowl. Next year, we think we’re going to the playoffs. Then this year, it’s worse than last year,” he said. “I think, honestly, we should start a clean slate and get everyone new in here. I think (Tom) Coughlin is a good coach, good GM (general manager), good manager for his time, but now he’s ruffled some feathers with a lot of players. Players aren’t the same like they used to.”

Jon Fichter has become known for his Jaguars-themed apartment.
Jon Fichter has become known for his Jaguars-themed apartment. (WJXT)

Fichter and a few ex-Jaguars host watch parties each week. He said with every loss this season, attendance, like what can be seen at the stadium, is dwindling.

“Beginning of the season, it was a sell-out. And then toward each game, it’s a little less each time because people work too hard to spend money on a losing product,” he said.

But Fichter said there’s one simple solution to all the stress and apathy in Jaguars land: winning. It fixes everything.

Following Sunday’s home loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, many fans took to social media to share their frustration, some using #FireMarrone in their tweets. It’s worth noting that Gowdy was not sold on firing Coughlin, who’s head of football operations. Gowdy said he puts a lot more of the blame for a bad team on General Manager Dave Caldwell, who was involved in player picks when both Doug Marrone and Gus Bradley were head coaches.

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