‘Just Smash It’ opens in Orange Park, lets you break things in ‘Rage Rooms’

Just Smash It
Just Smash It

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Had a rough week? Looking to blow off a little steam? Take it to the Rage Room.

Just Smash It opened in Orange Park and lets people destroy things.

You can go solo, grab a friend, or bring your entire office to give random objects a beatdown.

Just Smash It offers group discounts and team building prices.

There are three rooms to choose from the Orange Room, Neon Room, and Red Room.

The $25 booking fee includes 15 small items and 8 medium items. You can also upgrade items if you chose to do so.

Call (904) 375-1341 or click here to make a reservation.

Location: 1101 Blanding Blvd | Orange Park, FL | 32605

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