Jacksonville woman says 11 delivered FedEx packages weren’t hers

Jennifer Honeycutt decided to deliver packages herself

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jennifer Honeycutt says she was surprised to find a dozen packages on the doorstep of her home Christmas Eve.

“As I go to set them down, I realize none of them have my name on it, except for one of them. One packages was actually mine," Honeycutt said.

Realizing 11 of the 12 packages delivered were not hers, Honeycutt said she looked at her surveillance video to see where the delivery went wrong. The video appears to show a FedEx driver pulling up in a Budget truck. He leaves two packages on the doorstep.

“He then goes back to the truck, closes the back, then goes to the passenger side door of the Budget truck and pulls out all the rest of these package," she said. "He drops them on the ground, picks them up and then he just puts them on my doorstep.”

Honeycutt said she immediately got in touch with FedEx.

“I gave them all of the tracking numbers and they simply said, ‘Thank you for letting us know,’ and, ‘Somebody will be by either the 26th or 27th of this month to pick them up.’"

Because the pickup date was after Christmas, Honeycutt said she started contacting the customers herself.

“The fact that its Christmas Eve, I decided that they’re not far from me, so, even though the traffic might be a little heavy, I could probably get all of these packages to the people.”

She ended up delivering them all.

News4Jax was there as she delivered Bill Holloway’s Christmas present that he ordered for his mother.

“It really surprised me. It was very nice of her -- the Christmas spirit, I guess,” Holloway said.

“It was really important to do that for Christmas, because I would want somebody to do the same for me," Honeycutt said.

Since Thanksgiving, FedEx has an on-time delivery rate of about 68%. That’s down from more than 77% a year ago

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