$2.6 million Acosta Bridge LED lighting project to be online by summer

Bridge hasn’t had a lighting system since blue neon lights failed in 2014

Crews test a 48-foot strip of the new lighting system that will be installed on the Acosta Bridge. (Jeffrey Leeser, © 2020 jeffreyleeserphoto.com)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – New LED lights will illuminate the Acosta Bridge by this summer, according to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA).

You may remember the blue neon system that used to light up the Acosta Bridge. Those lights were installed in 1999 with the expansion of the Skyway across the St. Johns River, but the lights went dark in 2014 when workers found problems with the wiring.

The new color-changing LED system cost $2.6 million and will be installed by Miller Electric, John Finotti spokesman for JTA said last year.

JTA said the new system will allow for changing the lights’ colors for special events like holidays and Jaguars games.

Crews test new LED lighting system on the Acosta Bridge. (© 2020 jeffreyleeserphoto.com)

The JTA Board of Directors approved the $2.6 million in funding for the project in December 2018 to remove the old system and replace it with the new system.

After testing a 48-foot strip of the lights on Tuesday night, JTA said it expects the new LED lighting project to be online by July 4.