Dinosauria returns to Jacksonville Zoo

This is the second time Dinosauria has called the Jacksonville Zoo home

Dinosauria (WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Through July 5, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens will be home to the new Dinosauria exhibit.

This exhilarating exhibit will take you back in time, through multiple epochs, to see some of the world’s oldest creatures.

“My favorite part of the exhibit is definitely going through the time tunnels. It gives you the feeling of transporting into different areas in time because, as we know, all the dinosaurs didn’t live all during the same time period," said Morgan Purvis, who’s part of the Jacksonville Zoo’s public relations.

First up is the Permian Epoch 280-251 million years ago -- home to the Edaphosaurus and Dimetrodon.

And possibly the most commonly known epoch is Jurassic Epoch from 199-145 million years ago. The Jurassic Epoch was home to the Compsognathus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus and Brachiosaurus.

Dinosauria also has a “base camp,” where kids can dig for fossils, create their own dinosaur and then watch it come to life on a screen.

But this exhibit doesn’t happen overnight. The whole process to create Dinosauria starts over a year in advance.

“This starts over a year back. Our exhibits team starts working with the team that makes the dinosaurs to create the whole experience from start to finish," Purvis said.

If you’re planning on taking the family to the exhibit, Dinosauria requires zoo admission and is an additional $5 for the general public and $4 for zoo members. Click here for more information.

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