Viral video shows just how much young woman hates spiders

And you thought you were afraid of spiders...

COLORADO SPRINGS – Along came a spider,. Who sat down beside her,. And frightened Hayla Williams away!

A video on Facebook has gone viral after a Colorado woman’s reaction to a tiny spider.

The clip shows the engaged couple sitting on the couch with their two dogs and cat. That’s when all of a sudden Hayla jumps up, crawls over her lover and starts freaking out.

Turns out, a spider was to blame after it descended from above. The best part? The indoor security camera captured it all.

Hayla said after she had calmed down they found the spider on the couch.

Her soon-to-be husband, Matt Maxted, posted on Facebook saying, “This is who I agreed to marry, everyone.”

Everyone in the house survived the vicious spider attack.

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