After confusion, UNF students living in dorms can stay put amid COVID-19 pandemic

Students received series of messages, 1 saying they needed to leave campus

UNF students confused by official Coronavirus-related messages
UNF students confused by official Coronavirus-related messages

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Students who live in on-campus housing at the University of North Florida thought they were being asked to leave their dorms because of the coronavirus, but they were told Wednesday that they can stay put.

The confusion was sparked by a series of messages sent to UNF students. They received a move out notice, which said all residential students must remove their personal items from their assigned space and move off campus by Sunday.

“I just thought about the people, including myself, like, where we would go,” said one student who asked not to be identified.

“I did pay to live there, so, I wanted to live out my lease,” said another student, who also asked not to be identified.

Then on Tuesday, a second notice went out saying they did not have to leave.

When News4Jax contacted a school spokesperson, she admitted there was a miscommunication that caused confusion.

“Regardless if this is a miscommunication or not, there should be something that is clear to all students,” one of the students said.

The school housing director did not wish to comment on camera, but gave us a copy of the message that went out Wednesday afternoon. The new message clearly states that students do not have to move out. It says on-campus services including dining options will become much more limited over time.

The message also says UNF will work with students who are unable to return home during this period on an individual basis.

Students who are away for spring break and who chose not to return to campus have until April 5 to retrieve their personal belongings. If they don’t grab their belongings after that date, the school will secure the belongings through the end of the semester.

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