Coronavirus News: NJ family loses 4 members to COVID-19

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A family in New Jersey is being ravaged by coronavirus.

On Thursday, the Fusco family lost a fourth member to the virus.

Vincent Fusco Junior was in his fifties.

Seven members of the Fusco family apparently contracted coronavirus at a family dinner this month.

His mother, grace, died on Wednesday.

Two of his siblings, also in their 50s, died as well.

Grace’s youngest daughter, Elizabeth, spoke to CNN.

“It’s like the second we start to grieve about one, the phone rings and there’s another person gone, taken from us forever, Fusco said. "it’s not like it was one. by the time we got over my first sister… not over it settled in our brains. we got the next call. i listened to those doctors and those machines code my mother on the phone when she passed last night. i’ll never get over that.”

Three of Elizabeth’s other siblings are battling the coronavirus. Two of them are on life support.