Boating remains an escape as Florida stay-at-home order takes hold

Many of the boat ramps throughout the state remain open to the public.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Boat Ramps remain open in Jacksonville even with the stay-at-home order in place across the state.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is requiring boats to be 50 feet apart and there can’t be more than 10 people on board.

Dozens of boats were out on the water near the St. Johns River Marina Boat Ramp on Saturday, and most of them seem to be complying.

As one group leaves, another gets ready to hit the water.

“Well, there’s not a lot of other things to do so I figure we’d get out on the water and keep our social distancing on the river,” said David Edwards.

Edwards and his family say they’re being as careful as they can.

“It looks a lot more crowded than it usually is so a lot of people are out on the water seems like it,” he said.

Kim DeMarre and her crew spent a few hours out on the water on the sunny Saturday.

“That’s like social distancing at its best out there, really it is. I mean, you can’t really get close in a boat anyway because you caused a wake and that kind of stuff so it’s perfect,” DeMarre said.

With this being one of the only things open for the public, DeMarre says she hopes people continue to follow the rules.

”I think it’s awesome because it gives us an opportunity to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine and still be able to maintain the appropriate protocols," she said.

Many of the boat ramps throughout the state are open to the public.

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