Parade honors founder of The Broach School, who is battling ALS

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s become a sign of the times -- a personal parade held to give someone a boost while they’re in lockdown during the pandemic.

On Tuesday night, dozens of people honked their horns to put a smile on the face of Tommie Broach, the founder of The Broach School of Jacksonville, which helps children with learning disabilities.

“She had just retired and was looking forward to traveling when she got diagnosed with ALS,” said Broach’s sister, Deborah.

That was about a year ago. According to her sister, Broach is breathing at about 40% capacity. More than 95 people joined in to drive by her Middleburg home and give her a shoutout.

“We’re kind of afraid not knowing what the future is going to bring, and if we can do something for the community and bring hope to the people that are shut in, I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that,” Broach’s sister said.

Broach is a retired pastor of Highpoint Community Church. Mike Hailey is the pastor.

“I think it’s just awesome with things being as bad as they are that there is so much good that’s coming out," Hailey said.

In 1973, Broach created The Broach School. It now has five campuses.


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