Rock The Pantries food drive in St Johns County

United Way accepting donations at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

PONTE VEDRA, Fla. – St. Johns County in partnership with United Way of St. Johns County is holding a food drive today at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall and it is asking for the community’s help.

This is in response to the increased demand and urgent need because of COVID-19.

It is not a food give-away. Its a “drive-thru” food drive to help restock critically-low local food pantries.

United Way and St. Johns County volunteers will be on-site in the parking lots collecting requested donations taken directly from vehicles while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines.

Donations will be accepted from 9am until 4pm on Saturday.

Nonperishable donations requested:


• Peanut butter

• Canned Soup or Stew

• Canned, dried or plastic packaged fruit or applesauce

• Canned beans and vegetables

• Cooking oils

• Canned tuna, salmon, ham or chicken

• Pasta, rice or instant potatoes

• Granola bars, nuts or crackers

• Box Cereal or Meal

Donations that cannot be accepted:

• Items needing refrigeration

• Expired food

• Leftovers

• Food with packaging concerns

• Baked goods

• Items with glass or cellophane packaging (can be broken in transit)