Yard waste cleared from Jacksonville neighborhood after month-long issue

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Once a call was made to Jacksonville City Hall, debris has been picked up from the Daybreak Forest subdivision, after neighbors shared their concerns with News4Jax.

Earlier Tuesday morning, a News4Jax viewer shared photos of large piles of brush, tree limbs and yard waste that had been sitting along curbs for, what neighbors said, was longer than a month. They said that trash collectors and recyclers were showing up weekly, but for some reason, their yard waste wasn’t being removed.

Alfred Nixon Jr. is one of the homeowners in the Daybreak Forest subdivision.

“They kept telling me they’re coming and they’re on top of it. They’re going to send someone out to pick it up. Nothing," Nixon Jr. said.

Nicoletta Roditti also lives in the subdivision. She said it created a haven for pests.

“I’m sure it violates HOA guidelines of maintain the looks of the community," she said.

It’s unclear why it took so long for the debris to be collected.

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