You & friends can soon enjoy a private screening of your favorite movie at Sun-Ray

Base rates for private rental program in June start at $95 per screening

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Throughout June, Sun-Ray Cinema in Jacksonville’s Five Points neighborhood is offering a way for you to get a private screening of your favorite movie on the big screen while Hollywood takes a break from debuting new films.

Sun-Ray said you can invite up to 15 guests to watch a film on a date and time that works with your schedule, you’ll just need to reserve the room first. Base rates start at $95 per screening.

“We figured that the best way to have a controlled environment is to have it be invitation-only,” Sun-Ray Cinema co-owner Shana David-Massett said. “And so we’ve opened it up to the public and had some more affordable rates for some slots that we wouldn’t normally have options and. And the response has been fantastic.”

In addition, the concession stand is open, which means you have access to the full menu, beer, and wine.

“Everything is made in house,” David-Massett said. “At Sun-Ray, we take our food really seriously, and that full menu that many of the people have gotten very accustomed to ordering is available on-demand here in the theater. You just come up you wonder whatever you’d like, and we bring it right to your seat.”

When it comes to what you can watch, any movie on Blue-Ray or DVD will work, including home movies. You can also watch a big television event, binge something on a streaming service, or have a screening on 35mm.

Want to play video games? You can do that too.

“Bottom line, you get to watch what you want to, eat what you want, hang out with the people that you invite, that you know that you feel safe with,” David-Massett said.

For a list of restrictions, head over to Sun-Ray’s website. You can also find the email and phone number to contact and schedule your event.

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