Most city offices to reopen Monday with changes in place

Visitors, staffers to be screened upon entering

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After two months, City Hall is now getting ready to open back up to the public.

News4Jax learned that most city offices will reopen their doors on Monday, but it will not be like it was before.

There will be limits on the number of people allowed inside. As of Thursday, city crews were preparing buildings like City Hall and the Ed Ball Building to allow them to open for business, and staffers were marking out social distancing spaces.

Visitors and staffers will be screened upon entering. They will have to have masks, temperatures will be taken and they must fill out a form about possible exposure to the coronavirus.

Once inside the building, there will also be changes. For example, only two people will be allowed in an elevator at one time.

The City Council chamber will not open on Monday, and when it does, it will be limited to 50% capacity. For the time being, City Council meetings will still be conducted virtually. That will change when the state of emergency is dropped.

While offices are going to open, don’t expect all the employees to return at once. Those who can work from home will continue to do so. City employees who have direct contact with the public must wear a mask. And if an employee cannot return to work, they must explain to a supervisor why they believe it is dangerous.

Any sick employee with COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home immediately and must take a test before returning.

DOCUMENT: Public Building Re-Opening and Employee Access Plan

One Duval County office that is currently operating is the tax collector’s, but changes have been made. People like Laprinzo Banks found out you can’t just walk in and expect service.

“I am trying to pay property taxes, and it’s an appointment type thing. It just seems like a real hassle,” Banks said.

Tax Collector Jim Overton said all tax collector’s branches will reopen on Monday to serve customers by appointment only, except for the new Marietta branch. Appointments opened at 8:30 a.m. Thursday for scheduling. Visit http://duvaltaxcollect.net to schedule an appointment. Customers must wear a mask to enter.

Road tests and concealed weapons permits will not be offered at this time.

Overton added that, currently, if your driver’s license is expired, it is not a crisis yet, but you need to attend to it.

“Most of the driver’s licenses have been extended until the end of June, some cases June 15, but most to June 30,” Overton said.

News4Jax called surrounding counties and most have limited service with some branches open except Baker County, which is handling services online.

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