Sisters in 20s say they got COVID-19 after visiting Jacksonville Beach bars

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Two sisters who paid a visit to three bars in Jacksonville Beach said they’ve tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The sisters, who asked to be referred to as Jane and Janet Doe, are 21 and 22, respectively. They said they visited The Shim Sham Room, The Ritz and Surfer The bar on June 17.

The following weekend, they said, they began to feel ill.

“My worse symptom, so far, has been headaches, neck pain and body aches,” Jane Doe said. “It’s the worst headache I have ever experienced before.”

“You know that feeling when you get water up your nose and it burns all the time? That’s what it feels like in my nose,” Janet Doe said. “I have an excruciatingly bad headache. Nauseous. I’ve been extremely tired.”

The sisters said pointed out that the bars were not packed full of people, however, Jane Doe said: “None of theme were practicing any social distancing.”

News4Jax asked why they decided to go to the bars.

“The messages we’ve been getting on social media and news reports that COVID does not really affect our generation as much,” Jane Doe said. “We were told we could go to the bars because they were open, so we thought we would be okay.”

But now they are learning the hard way that COVID-19 does affect young adults, and they are telling their other friends to take the virus serious.

Both women say they’ve contacted bar managers abou ttheir results, as well as others that they’ve come in contact with.

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