Troubled Jacksonville long-term care facility looking for new leadership

20 of Duval's 67 COVID-19 deaths were patients at Signature Healthcare

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Signature Healthcare on Jacksonville’s Westside has reported a total of 20 deaths of its residents, according to Florida Department of Health figures released Wednesday. That’s more than any other long-term care facility in Northeast Florida.

Amid the pandemic, the facility is looking for new leadership. Figures from the health department show patients of the nursing home account for 30% of the COVID-19 deaths reported in Duval County on Wednesday.

“You have a facility that has a challenge trying to meet this COVID-19 pandemic head-on,” said Brian Lee, director of Families for Better Care.

It’s a challenge that Chris Douglas has seen firsthand. Douglas serves in the army and is stationed in Germany. He said he first heard about the COVID-19 cases at his father’s facility after reading an article online.

He soon learned his father was one of those cases.

“They didn’t provide any other information about where he was transferred too, if he was still alive, if he had passed away or anything,” Douglas said.

Douglas’ dad is out of the hospital and back in the facility. The family said it’s working on moving him out.

On Monday, a job listing for a new CEO was posted. Signature Healthcare said the listing is “not related to the passing of our beloved residents.”

“It looks like the facility is trying to do a reset on its operations,” Lee said.

As for Douglas’ father, Signature Healthcare said it is looking into his case.

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