Parent group calling for masks in Duval County schools swells to 600+ members

Schools reopening having parents concerned
Schools reopening having parents concerned

More parents and teachers are calling for Duval County Public Schools to boost safety measures for the fall reopening, which is less than six weeks away.

Since Tuesday night, the Duval Schools Pandemic Solutions Team has tripled in size, going from 150 to nearly 650 on Wednesday. The congregation is made up of parents and stakeholders from around the school district.

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A meeting that was held Wednesday was to hear concerns from the members of the group and refine their objectives. At the top of its list -- making face masks part of the school’s dress code and requiring them for all students and staff middle and high schools. They aren’t pushing for the requirement in elementary schools.

The group also wants to move the start of the school year back from Aug, 10 to Sept. 8 They said the Republican National Convention presents a serious risk of spreading COVID-19 throughout the city, and they want to make sure it’s under control before reopening schools.

Also, the group is calling for broader options for Duval Homeroom and allowing any student the option to return to full-time in-person classes.

The Duval Schools Pandemic Solutions Team is in contact with state and local unions. It says it has tried speaking with the school board and superintendent several times, but as of Wednesday, it hadn’t gotten a response.

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