Baker County students have option to wear masks at school

Reopening plan posted on district's website

Baker County students have option to wear masks at school
Baker County students have option to wear masks at school

MACCLENNY, Fla. – When students return to Baker County classrooms Aug. 10, they will have the option to wear masks in addition to other safety precautions being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In its reopening plan posted on the district’s website, educators said its guidelines were reviewed by the Baker County Health Department. It also says the plan is subject to change as public health guidelines are updated.

According to the district website, they plan for all students to return to campuses while taking safety precautions.

While in the classroom schools plan to maintain smaller groups, serve meals in various locations around campus, space out the desks, stagger lunches, recesses and other transition times. Each school will have a designated sick room for students not feeling well until pick up time. The website said schools will follow disinfection procedures, implement social distancing when feasible and use directional signs.

The district recommends that parents take their student’s temperature before leaving for school. Students who take the bus will sit in assigned seats and use hand sanitizer. Wearing a mask on board the bus is also optional.

Tommy Rollins said Friday’s daughter will start first grade and he has some concerns but feels the district is doing everything it can to keep the kids safe.

“I believe kids should wear masks,” Rollins said Friday.

Little Riley Rollins isn’t so sure.

“No because I’m too little,” she said while holding her father’s hand.

Some parents said it’s going to be hard for students Riley’s age to keep masks on.

“I feel like the masks are going to do more harm than good for our kids because children will not keep them on their face and keep their hands off of them,” said Baker County parent Michaelle Davis. “I think that’s probably the best thing you can do when it comes to smaller kids. I mean they’re going to do the best they can but kids are not very good at social distancing.”

Some of the parents we spoke with said the district hasn’t reached out to them yet, only posting the plan on its website.

School officials weren’t available for questions Friday as the district remains on their summer schedule, with Friday’s off.

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