Clay County Sheriff Daniels proposes $69.7 million budget


CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Sheriff Darryl Daniels presented his proposed budget for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office in 2021 to the Board of County Commissioners on Friday night.

His proposal calls for $69.7 million -- an increase of $5.8 million from the prior year. The $68.2 million in the 2020 budget was an increase of $10.2 million from 2019.

Daniels said more than $47 million would go toward law enforcement. He said $14 million would go toward detention, $2 million would go toward judicial, $3.6 million would go toward building maintenance, and just shy of $2 million would go toward special revenue.

The sheriff said he’s working toward a goal of one deputy for every thousand citizens. Starting salary for Clay County deputies is $38,000.

Additionally, Daniels hopes to hire five domestic violence officers, four deputies, four public service aides, two registered nurses for the detention center, one building maintenance technician and one records specialist.