Downpours bring deluge to parts of Jacksonville’s Westside

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Severe thunderstorms brought a lot of rain to parts of Duval County on Monday night, including the Westside, which saw a deluge during the heavy rains.

The photo below shows flooding along Roosevelt Boulevard at the Edgewood Avenue overpass that brought traffic to a standstill.


The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office sent out a notice, urging people on the roads in the Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods to use caution due to the flooding.

Some of the flooding was near the intersections of College and Acosta streets. Hunter McClain, who lives in the area, says it’s flooding unlike he’s ever seen in the area.

“Not this deep. I’ve brought my surfboard up through the thing (street) before. A few years ago there were people out riding kayaks and stuff but this is pretty intense,” he said.

Not surprisingly, the McCoys Creek neighborhood was also dealing with the heavy flooding. It commonly floods after hours of continuous rain.

Another spot that frequently floods during torrential downpours includes McCoys Creek. Monday night’s downpours were no exception for homes along Market Street.

According to News4Jax Weather Authority Meteorologist Rebecca Barry, 2 to 3 inches of rain fell during Monday night’s storms. Other neighborhoods that saw flooding included parts of Hogan’s Creek, McCoys Creek, Downtown Jacksonville, Oceanway, Normandy and Talleyrand.

A Flood Warning was issued for Duval County through 11:30 p.m.

Thousands of power outages were reported during the storm.

Photo: Jeremy R.
Photo: Jeremy R.

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