August is National Black Owned Business Month

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – August is National Black Owned Business Month -- and with so many of them in Jacksonville, we’ve decided to share their stories.

One local business owner told News4Jax they are creating generational wealth for not only their family, but for their community.

The 76 gas station on Lem Turner and Dunn Avenue is under new ownership. Takesha Ellison and her husband John took it over in February and have been open since July.

“It’s been excellent,” Takesha Ellison, Co-Owner of 76 Gas Station, said. “Everyone in the community is very welcoming, very open. We’re just trying to get everything coming in that they were looking for.”

Ellison said it’s been a challenge starting her business with COVID-19.

They haven’t been able to get the licenses to sell certain items, though they always encourage customers to come back.

“We like to always say that we are the turtle in the race. Although the turtle moves slow they still finish the race. What that means to us is just never give up so we just keep pressing forward.”

She said they’re also pressing forward both their family and the community, breaking barriers in businesses where you wouldn’t see black ownership.

“The avenues are definitely opening in those areas where you have not traditionally seen black owners,” Ellison said. “We salute them. There’s actually another black-owned gas station to 7-Eleven right down the street from us as well. 1:50:19 it gives us a great sense of pride. Our community supports us. And it just makes us feel really good to be black owners.”

In the future, she plans to partner with other black-owned gas stations and hopefully expand her business into a one-stop-shop.

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