Atlantic Beach hears business owners’ COVID-19 concerns

Atlantic Beach: Businesses want clarity about operating guidelines
Atlantic Beach: Businesses want clarity about operating guidelines

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. – The city of Atlantic Beach hosted a virtual meeting Tuesday morning for business owners. The city said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss thoughts, concerns and requests regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and business operations.

Kevin Rothery, the operating partner of ABBQ Meat & Drink, said he planned on attending the meeting. He said one of his concerns is capacity limitations.

“I think we need to go a bit higher,” Rothery said. “Some of the liquor laws that were extended, I’m pretty sure some of them were peeled back but they haven’t been clear with the guidelines like are we allowed to this, are we allowed to do that so I’m just going to sit back and listen.”

ABBQ Meat & Drink opened roughly one year ago before the pandemic. Right now, it is limited to 50% capacity inside under state guidelines. Rothery said masks are enforced and they have strict cleaning policies in place. Hand sanitizer is on every table and the tables outside are spaced out at least six feet apart to keep guests safe. Despite the pandemic, Rothery said they are adapting well to the new normal.

“We went what was it two or three months where nobody was allowed in the building? So just to see faces and families smiling and enjoying themselves, getting that one or two hours of vacation out of the day, has been awesome,” said Rothery.

The city meeting was be held via Zoom. It started at 10 a.m.

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