Be on the lookout for misleading voter mail

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As Election Day inches closer -- a warning for you to watch out for misleading voter information in your mailbox.

A member of the News4Jax family received a form in the mail Tuesday, telling her she needed to register. It seemed odd due to the fact that she had just voted in the primary.

The letter reads that it’s from the Center For Voter Information, based in Washington D.C. A search online reveals that it’s part of a private organization, along with the Voter Participation Center.

In April, the supervisor of elections office in Palm Beach County put out an alert for mailings from the organization, which, as in this case, contained partially pre-filled voter registration forms. The story was first reported by CBS 12 in West Palm Beach.

Wendy Sartory Link, the supervisor of elections in West Palm, said the letters arrived at homes addressed to deceased pets, voters who died 20 years ago, deceased children and people who have never lived in Florida.

According to CBS 12, Link said that while the mailings contain legitimate ballot applications, at first glance they appear to be from a government source, which can be potentially misleading to recipients.

To check your voter registration status, head to this website.

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