Catty Shack Ranch making way for 14 new animals; donations needed

2 bears, 6 foxes, African servals, a caracal and bobcats will arrive Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When you’ve dedicated your life to working with amazing animals every day, saying yes to a few more would probably feel natural. Curt Logiudice with the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary knows the feeling.

“Immediately, I got on the phone and talked with some of our board members and some of our team caretakers,” Logiudice said. “And (we) wanted to know, ‘Are we ready for this undertaking?’”

To get ready, Logiudice is hoping people at home will open their hearts and their wallets. Friday multiple animals will be joining the hundreds who already call Catty Shack home.

The animals were confiscated from a zoo up north, and with their pending arrival, there hasn’t been much time for preparation.

When the new animals arrive, they’ll be put into quarantine for at least a few weeks. From there, they’ll be moved into their own outdoor habitats.

Guest limitations due to the impact of COVID-19 have impacted the nonprofit’s finances. Donations will help ensure the new animals will receive the best veterinary care and plenty of personal attention.

“We have a great medical team that helps participants in the care also. So, nutrition is important, and knowing what the needs are,” Logiudice said.

With a lot of prep work for the new arrivals underway, Logiudice says donations will go a long way.

“We’ve got a fundraiser going on Facebook or friends can also jump on our website and click the donate button,” LoGiudice said. “We also could use some extra hands over the next couple of weeks.

Since the animals will be in quarantine, they will not be on public display for a little while.

Donations can be made through the sanctuary’s website, and through its Facebook page.

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