FPL to resume disconnections, but help is available, utility says

Many customers don’t know about financial aid options

Many customers don’t know about financial aid options.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida Power and Light customers are running out of time to pay their overdue electricity bills.

The utility said it will resume disconnecting services Oct. 1.

There are more than 150,000 homes and businesses in Northeast Florida that are serviced by FPL.

There are several options for customers to apply for assistance if they need help.

First, FPL is offering a credit program right now to customers who are behind with their payments..

There is also federal assistance available, and CARES Act money that might be an option too through your local county government office.

And FPL’s Care to Share Program, which provides bill payment assistance to customers, has been expanded due to the pandemic to support customers. FPL is working to enhance the program, offering customers who pay electronically opportunities to contribute set monthly amounts, one-time donations or the option to round up their bill to the nearest dollar as a voluntary contribution.

FPL said a lot of customers don’t even realize financial help is available to them.

“Most of the customers that we serve who are past due on their bill have not reached out to us for help,” FPL’s Chris McGrath said Friday on The Morning Show. “And our message this morning remains pretty simple -- and that is to please call us.”

FPL customers who are at least three bills past due qualify for a one-time $200 credit. Here’s how it works:

“Think of it this way -- your total past due, outstanding balance, let’s say over three FPL bills, is $600. If you pay the $400, we will give you credit for the $200,” McGrath said. “It’s that simple.”

McGrath explained that federal assistance has actually increased significantly because of the pandemic.

“For example, the low-income energy assistance program, which has provided a critical funding source for Floridians before COVID-19 -- it has seen a 60% increase in funding, and we estimate for FPL customers alone, there is $30 million that remains available,” McGrath said. “The key is you have to call. You can call us. We are certainly able to connect you to some of your partners in North Florida.”

Also check with your county government to see if CARES Act money is available to you.

The first round of FPL disconnection notices are being sent out now, starting with anyone who has been behind on their bill since before the pandemic.

You can learn more about how to apply for assistance by calling 800-226-3545 or going to FPL.com/HELP.

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