Neighbors on opposing sides of politics show love can still live between them

Marne Litton (left) and Tasha Hancock (right) show love can still exist on opposing sides of politics

CEDAR PARK, TX – Almost half of registered voters in both Biden and Trump camps say they do not have a single close friend who supports the other major party candidate, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.

Two neighbors in Texas are aiming to change that.

Marne Litton and Tasha Hancock live in Cedar Park, Texas. The two women are on opposite sides of the political spectrum: Litton supports President Donald Trump; Hancock supports Joe Biden.

Now, they are aiming to show the true meaning of the phrase “love thy neighbor.”

Litton had enough of people losing friends, vandalizing and stealing each other’s political signs, so she grabbed her friend and shared an experience she hoped would spark some kindness and acceptance.

“We love each other! She’s had my kids over for movie night, we’ve had them over for dinner, we are always borrowing things from one another and bringing each other goodies.”

She wrote that people should put politics and race aside and love one another.

“Guess what....different skin color, different political beliefs but mutual love and respect. So can everyone take a damn breath and calm down! Cheers to loving my neighbor even though we don’t see eye to eye on everything,” Marne Litton wrote of her neighbor Tasha Reese Hancock.

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Lately I’ve been really saddened by how people are treating others. Differences in opinion regarding a lot of...

Posted by Marne Litton on Sunday, September 27, 2020

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