St. Johns County will no longer allow students to move to distance learning

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A message Wednesday from the St. Johns County School District superintendent states that leaders will no longer allow students to move from brick and mortar learning to distance learning.

“Now that we are past the first interim reporting period, we will no longer move students to school-based distance learning unless there is a unique high-risk health factor for a student,” Superintendent Tim Forson said in an email. “Prior to the end of the first grading period, we will survey parents of distance learning students on their intent to return to the brick and mortar setting.”

The superintendent went on to say the district will always accept the return of students to the classroom, but acknowledged it may “take some time” to transition them back. He said students enrolled in St. Johns Virtual School are expected to remain in that option until the end of the semester in January.

Forson said the demand on teachers has been greater than expected.

“The teachers are doing amazing work, but it is increasingly more difficult to manage both platforms throughout the entire day," Forson wrote. “To provide the best instructional experience for your child, we need more consistency and fewer changes.”