New mother fighting cancer honored at Atlantic Coast football game

A woman battling cancer was honored by players and coaches on both teams.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Friday night football story unlike any you have seen before.

Just before the game between First Coast High School and Atlantic Coast High School, a woman battling stomach cancer was honored on the 50-year line by players and coaches on both teams.

But why she was honored is the story the real story.

Her name is Milani McKee. She’s the 31-year old sister of the Atlantic Coast High School Football coach Mike Montemayor.

She’s also the wife of a Fernandina Beach firefighter who joined her on the football field.

She and her husband were both told she would never be able to have children. Then all of a sudden, she got pregnant naturally.

But 17-weeks into her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer.

Despite the grim diagnosis, she recently gave birth to Tyler Monte Mckee.

And tonight was the first time little Tyler got to attend a football game coached by his uncle.

So right before the start of the game, Milani was escorted out onto the field where she was honored by both teams and people in the stands.

She was honored for her continued fight against cancer.

All the coaches on both teams wore shirts wither name on it.

Prior to the ceremony, she had no idea this had been planned.

“We pulled up and there was a guy wearing this shirt actually. I was like oh I want one and he wouldn’t tell us about anything going on here. It was a complete surprise and we’re very blessed,” Mckee said.

The coach of the First Coast High School Football team says he was using that moment to teach his players about life off the football field and what it truly means to be strong in the face of adversity.

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