Georgia voters face final deadline to have ballot counted

Joe Biden overtakes President Trump in Georgia

KINGSLAND, Ga. – As the race for Georgia’s 16 electoral votes remains too close to call in the presidential election, voters still have a chance to tip the scales.

The state’s voters are facing two key deadlines: the cure ballot deadline and an absentee ballot deadline for military and citizens living overseas.

Voters in the peach state can cure absentee and provisional ballots until the end of the day. Voters who this applies to are supposed to have been contacted by county officials. Georgia law says voters with cure ballot issues can be contacted by email or phone call.

Meanwhile, 8,899 absentee ballots from military and overseas voters have not yet been returned to election office as of yesterday morning. Those votes could still be counted, but only if they arrive at the correct location by 5 p.m. and are postmarked November 3 or earlier.

Gabriel Sterling, who oversees the state’s electronic voting system, said it’s federal law that ballots which meet those requirements are counted.

“Under federal law, the UOCAVA (Uniformed And Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) ballots that are postmarked by Tuesday can be accepted up to Friday... That doesn’t mean any of them will arrive or it means all of them could arrive. We have no way of knowing that number,” he said.

The latest figures in Georgia, as of 8 a.m. ET, showed Biden leading with 2,449,371 votes, or 49.39% of the ballots cast, and Trump with 2,448,454 votes, or 49.37% of ballots cast.

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