Coronavirus survivor & fiancée marry outside Orange Park Medical


ORANGE PARK, Fla. – A COVID-19 survivor and his fiancée have tied the knot.

Henry Bell spent nearly two months recovering after several days in an intensive care unit and on a ventilator. On Thursday, outside Orange Park Medical Center on Thursday.

“I was out of it from the medication,” explained Bell. “I don’t remember anything.”

He pulled through with the love and support of his fiancée, Antoinette.

“He’s been through a lot, but this was really challenging,” she explained.

Kaitlin Trueblood, a speech language pathologist, said Bell made quick progress.

“He did everything he could do in order to make his way back home back to his beautiful bride,” said Trueblood.

Bell said the staff at Orange Park Medical Center became family. That’s why the couple decided to get married outside the hospital on Thursday before going home.

“The staff was really nice and made us feel at home,” said Bell. “They pushed me hard enough to start to feel better because I really wasn’t able to walk, and now I’m able to stand and walk, so it was more of a family environment and I wanted to keep it that way, leave out that way.”

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