Jacksonville City Council member Scott Wilson tests positive for coronavirus

Regular Tuesday council meeting canceled

Scott Wilson, a member of the Jacksonville City Council, has tested positive for the coronavirus, News4Jax learned Monday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Scott Wilson, a member of the Jacksonville City Council, has tested positive for the coronavirus, News4Jax learned Monday.

Wilson told News4Jax that he found out the results of the test on Monday. Wilson said he has some nasal congestion but no other symptoms.

“I stayed home all weekend in quarantine just to be sure and this morning they called me back and said it was positive,” Wilson said. “I was shocked because I have no other symptoms. I don’t have a fever, shortness of breath, no loss of taste.”

Wilson was at an in-person council meeting last week.

“The City of Jacksonville is bringing this to your attention for your safety and the safety of others around you,” the city wrote in an email to council members Monday afternoon. “If you are or feel like you are getting sick with any COVID-19 symptoms such as a sore throat, shortness of breath, dry cough, etc. we recommend that you immediately begin self-isolation and that you get tested.”

City Council was scheduled to have a regular meeting on Tuesday, but after Wilson’s diagnosis, the council meeting was canceled.

The council was scheduled to discuss Councilman Matt Carlucci’s request for an independent review of the Lot J funding deal. Carlucci said the city shouldn’t make a 200 million dollar investment – without getting the best possible deal.

There’s no word yet on when the meeting will be scheduled or if Wilson will be a part of it since Tuesday was expected to be Wilson’s last meeting in the council.

Wilson recently lost a bid to become Duval County Clerk of Courts, falling win out against fellow Republican Jody Phillips.

In March, Councilman Sam Newby was one of the first public figures in Jacksonville to test positive for the coronavirus. Newby was hospitalized during treatment and eventually recovered.

Wilson’s diagnosis comes at a time when hospitalizations are on the rise in Northeast Florida.

In the 11 counties in the area, as of Monday morning, 307 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19.

Statistics from the state show numbers were on the rise just over the last week.

For example, in Duval County, 164 people are now in area hospitals. A week ago that number was 135.

There have been slight increases in Clay County as well.

But there is a positive side.

There are not as many in the Intensive Care Units as there were during the peak period during the spring and summer.

News4Jax Dr. Elizabeth Ransom of Baptist Health why this increase is happening now since we had seen numbers going down in September and October.

“Everyone is just tired of this and wants it to be done and has had enough,” Ransom said. “We are all in this together. Perhaps there’s a little bit of slippage when it comes to using mask and hand hygiene and social distancing.”

Dr. Ransom believes we will continue to see this trend.

“I would have to imagine that we will continue to see an increase but hopefully it won’t be as severe as other parts of the country like El Paso and the Dakotas are experiencing,” she said.

Ransom believes the mild weather is helping with that as people stay outdoors, but as we head inside it looks like the virus could follow.

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