DCPS updates dashboard to track COVID-19 cases in schools

Duval County Public Schools have updated their COVID-19 dashboard. The site was first released in September. Reporter, Zac Lashway guides us through how to use the site with the new update.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Duval County Public Schools has updated its COVID-19 Case Dashboard.

The dashboard was first released in September by the Duval County school district to help parents and students keep track of the number of reported COVID-19 cases in schools.

The dashboard shows the number of students and staff attending or working in brick-and-mortar schools with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The updated dashboard provides a districtwide total number of cases. As of Monday night, that number was 402 (280 student cases and 122 staff cases). It also provides a distribution of cases by school type -- elementary, middle, high and combined -- and provides a map showing cases throughout the district.

Click here to view the dashboard’s new look.

In an update earlier this month, the district said that in an effort to improve the timeliness of reporting, a COVID-19 case will be posted when it’s confirmed. Prior to that update, cases were posted at the completion of the contact investigation of a confirmed case.

It’s also worth noting the dashboard only reports DCPS employee or student cases impacting school operations. The total number of employees or students diagnosed with COVID-19 may be higher, according to DCPS.

The chart is now updated daily by approximately 8 p.m.