Duval County school district leaders may soon be looking for a new home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The main office of Duval County Public Schools is in a convenient, central location of Jacksonville.

But during a workshop last week, Duval County School Board member Lori Hershey said it’s time to consider making a move.

“When this building was built, over 30 years ago, at this location, it was a really barren wasteland, and there was an idea to help instigate growth and spark new life on the Southbank,” Hershey said.

Hershey said the Southbank evolved and so did the value of the DCPS building.

Since improvements in 2014, it’s value went from nearly $1.59 million to more than $4.91 million. The total value of the property rose by nearly $2.43 million in the last six years.

“I just feel like the time is right. My preference, particularly in leadership, is to be in the driver’s seat versus responding,” Hershey said. “And the final time of relocation may come after my time on the board, but having said that, I just believe that we are in a good position now to have this conversation to look at what our serious options are.”

The idea was welcomed by other board members.

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