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Jacksonville Mayor: If Lot J deal doesn’t go through, NFL could drop affiliation

Mayor Lenny Curry is asking city council to vote on the massive multi-million-dollar plan to develop Lot J and for voters to tell their city council members how they feel about the project.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Monday night Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry sent a Twitter storm of messages calling on city council to make a decision on the development of Lot J.

Curry started the thread implying that if Jacksonville residents want to remain an NFL city, the Lot J deal would help. 90 minutes and 6 tweets later, Curry was also calling on voters to contact their city council member to let their voices be heard as well.

“Green button for yes. Red button for no. Either way, go on the board,” he said in his second tweet.

The Mayor made it clear he supports the Lot J deal and what is stands for. He pointed to local media for not advocating for the $450 million mixed-use development and called for a stop to the stalling.

“I’ve only heard 1 strong media voice speaking in favor of the importance of this deal for the city,” Curry wrote in his final tweet on the issue.

Jacksonville Councilmember Matt Carlucci was also on Twitter Monday night. He said the Lot J Development, Jaguars stadium upgrades and the Jags lease should be negotiated as one deal.

Carlucci went on to release five recommendations on how to move forward to assure transparency, accountability and public confidence.

Additionally, Carlucci is calling on the Downtown Investment Authority to conduct a market study on viability and sustainability. The DIA’s executive director is scheduled to make a recommendation to board members for a vote Wednesday.

The council is scheduled to vote on that recommendation at a special meeting Thursday with a final vote on December 8.

Before that council vote happens, the City Finance Committee will discuss several items related to Lot J Tuesday morning.

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