10-foot great white shark pings off Crescent Beach

Andromache is being tracked by the nonprofit group OCEARCH

Andromache - Photo by OCEARCH
Andromache - Photo by OCEARCH

CRESCENT BEACH, Fla. – Florida has a visitor. A very large visitor.

Andromache, a 10-feet, 8-inch sub-adult female great white shark “pinged” at 8:43 p.m. on Tuesday right off Crescent Beach, Florida just south of St. Augustine Beach.

Andromache’s movements are being tracked in real time by OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker app.

According to OCEARCH, Andromache was named after a character in Greek mythology of the same name and who is a symbol of maternity, strength and courage.

She was the first tagged during OCEARCH’s Expedition Massachusetts 2020.

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