Goodbye 2020: From news to social media to sports, we recap a year like no other

From coronavirus to Ahmaud Arbery to the election, we look back at all the stories that dominated the news in 2020.

News4Jax compiled several “look back” lists recapping the tumultuous year that was. We’ve collected them all for you here so you can remember what we lived through together.

All the ways coronavirus hijacked 2020

If you got into the habit of shrugging and saying “it’s 2020” every time something odd happened or you heard another bizarre item in the news, you weren’t alone.

This was a year like no other -- and one topic dominated the headlines more than any other (except maybe the election): The COVID-19 pandemic.

Health, finances, education, politics, sports -- there’s hardly an area of our lives that wasn’t upended in some way by the novel coronavirus.

We compiled some of the biggest coronavirus-related stories of the year.


Most unforgettable local stories in 2020

While the coronavirus pandemic dominated global and national headlines in 2020, it also gripped the local news, hitting close to home for those who tested positive for COVID-19, know someone who did or lost a loved one.

One local story, the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, made national news, with video of the shooting sparking outrage across the country.

We take a look at those stories and other unforgettable events that News4Jax covered this year.


Top Florida stories of 2020

Looking back at the top 2020 Florida headlines, it’s hard to find stories that weren’t at least somewhat connected to the coronavirus. But there were other stories that captured the interest of readers.

Some stories were tragic. Others were weird or interesting. Others directly affected the lives of Floridians.

To mark the end of a tumultuous 2020, we put together a list of some of our most-read Florida stories from the past year.


Looking back at Georgia in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and its imprint on politics, education, work and society in all corners of Georgia made headlines throughout most of 2020.

But the year also included the high-stakes November election and early voting in a pair of Senate run-off elections that cast a white-hot spotlight on Georgia.

Two high-profile killings drew sharp attention to racial justice issues in a year that also saw the passing of civil rights icon John Lewis.

And more than a year after the Golden Ray overturned in the channel to the port of Brunswick, work began to cut it up and haul it away.

We take a look at the top 10 stories in Georgia in 2020.


Gone in 2020: Businesses the pandemic closed

From your neighborhood watering hole to major retailers, well over 100,000 businesses have closed in the past 10 months as COVID-19 swept across America.

According to data scientists at Yelp, 60% of those might never reopen.


Top sports stories of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic changed the everyday basics about life and shook up the sports calendar like nothing before.

We lost legends, both coaching and athletes. Seasons started and stopped. The Olympics were postponed.

We take a look at 20 unforgettable sports moments from 2020.


Most Googled stories in 2020

There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic dominated the news in 2020.

Really, it’s something we’ve all been talking about since late 2019 -- you know, back when some people were tweeting about how it comes from a beer most loved with a lime alongside a beach on a deserted island.

Good news is Corona’s sales were reportedly unaffected by the name association.

But there are a lot of other topics that dominated the news in 2020 apart from the COVID-19 pandemic. We took a look at the top 10, based on Google’s analytics.


Most popular social media stories of 2020

There was no shortage of headlines in 2020. At News4Jax, we posted them all on social media. Every breaking story, every local story, and every viral video, we thought you would like or would want to see.

Now, we’ve compiled a list of the stories that resonated the most with users.

These are the posts you shared most, the biggest conversation starters featuring hundreds to thousands of comments, and every update that has happened since, including information never reported before now.


Top 10 ‘Because Florida’ stories from 2020

We wanted to end on a smile, so let’s wrap up with one of our favorites every year: “Because Florida.”

As if 2020 wasn’t a memorable enough year, these Florida men and women found a way to make their way into the news. Some good, some bad, some... well... interesting, to say the least.

These jaw-dropping headlines have been shared around the world. We hand-picked the Top 10 “Because Florida” stories from 2020. These stories put Florida on the map this year, for better or for worse.


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