Jacksonville city leaders exchange embarrassing insults on Twitter

Some posts or replies have since been deleted

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Twitter exchange between Mayor of Jacksonville Lenny Curry, Jacksonville Councilman Garrett Dennis, and Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5-30 President Steve Zona featured insults on the relationships Garrett Dennis and Lenny Curry have with their wives.

It started when an unverified account left a comment on Mayor Curry’s post. The user’s reply to the mayor’s post contained profanity and has since been deleted. The user commented negatively on the appearance of the mayor and his wife.

Curry responded to the account, “Name the place. Show your face. I’ll be there.” Councilman Garrett Dennis latched on to the reply writing that he had been the recipient of “tough talk” from the Mayor as well and suggested Curry’s response makes him unfit to handle conflicts.

Zona entered the thread, accusing Dennis of inappropriate behavior with other women and added that “at least the mayor sticks by his wife.”

Curry retweeted Zona’s reply and added another comment, which he later deleted. Dennis continued the thread by suggesting the mayor has extramarital affairs. Curry then tweeted a 2019 article from Florida Times-Union that involved an investigation of Florida Sunshine Laws and in part, examined Dennis’ phone calls.

Soon after, Dennis pointed out a spelling error Curry once posted.

Collectively, the posts received well over a thousand reactions from Twitter users who saw them.

Curry addressed the Twitter feud with Dennis during a Monday press conference.

“For over two years now that individual has personally attacked me and my family. The timeline speaks for itself. You can go see it. I mean, I am his timeline, as is my family,” Curry said. “And I have resisted the urge to react, and look I reacted as a, as a husband and a father. And I’m moving on. You know, Twitter has the ability to be an amazing platform to communicate with people give them information they need, even to be uplifting at times but unfortunately, there’s a lot of negativity in that space, and being attacked for years by that elected official my family specifically. I got involved in the negativity of it, and don’t expect to see that again.”

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