Duval County parents can speak with school leaders from home

The annual School Choice Expo will be virtual on Saturday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – It’s time to start thinking about next fall. Duval families will be able to tour schools from home today and speak with school leaders. The district’s annual School Choice Expo will be virtual on Saturday, January 9.

Duval County Public Schools is a choice district, which means students can attend schools outside their attendance area zones through the school choice application process.

The expo begins at 11 a.m. and runs until 3 p.m.

Parents should already have an account through the district website. This is in the “My Show Planner” tab, where you’ll see your scheduled events to see live school presentations, organize you schedule, and make appointments to talk with school leaders.

Duval Schools says this platform allows families to get the same, or better, access to the schools, services and partnerships that the district has to offer -- from charter schools to magnet programs to Duval Virtual Instruction Academy.

For those who want to take advantage of school choice, the application window runs thru February 28.

“There are quite a few options for parents who might be interested, or for children in different-- they may just have different interests,” said Cassandra Thomas, DCPS. “Like the arts, the sciences... we have medical art programs, various programs offered at schools throughout the district-- for students that may want to focus in on certain interests that they have. We also have an options for a special transfer that in some cases might allow parents to have children placed at schools that may be near where they work -- or more convenient to them. So they have the option of the magnet programs... as well as the special transfer options that will allow them to move to a different school that may also have something they are interested in.”

Parents are encouraged to scroll to the bottom of the page during the virtual expo where you can speak with staff members to ask questions.

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