Seniors express concerns with booking COVID-19 vaccines online

Clay County not receiving additional vaccines this week

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Booking a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Clay County has been impossible for Harold McCollum.

He and his wife are in their 70s, and he says they aren’t tech-savvy.

“By the time we find out that they have a vaccine available, somebody to come over and lets walk through it, or even us trying to walk through it, the vaccine would be gone,” McCollum said.

Several seniors in Duval County chose to wait in long first come, first served lines at local senior centers to avoid booking appointments online. News4Jax spoke with one man Monday morning who explained why he made that decision.

“It’s hard to get appointments. It’s like winning the lotto, and so, therefore, I decided to get an early start,” that man said.

Clay County Emergency Management says alert.claycountygov.com is the only option for booking appointments. This week, there will not be any vaccines distributed, according to officials.

Emergency managers encourage people having trouble booking online appointments to ask someone for help or go to a library. Clay County Emergency Director John Ward says the person helping, doesn’t have to help you in person. They can book the appointment for you through their computer by using your name and email address.

“Hopefully they’ve got some sort of network, whether it’s friends, family or something along those lines that can schedule that appointment for them. They’re not the ones that have to physically type their name in, just whatever name is in that roster has to have an ID show up on the day of the vaccinations,” Ward said.

McCollum said it is crucial that he and his wife get the vaccine.

“One, I’ve got a couple ailments that make me very, very high risk for death if I don’t get this vaccine and my wife also, so that’s the reason why we’re thinking very highly of trying to get this vaccine,” McCollum said.

Clay County will not be receiving vaccines this week, according to officials.

Emergency managers say the county plans to open up appointments every Wednesday, starting next week. They will notify news outlets and post on social media about the distribution at 11:45 a.m. Appointments will be open for booking online starting at 3 p.m.

The website to book an appointment is alert.claycountygov.com. There will be a “book an appointment now” button at the top of the screen. Those with any questions are encouraged to call 877-252-9362.

Clay County officials anticipate vaccines will be distributed through Publix soon, but it is unclear when that will be.

Duval County health officials said those without a computer, internet access or someone to help book an appointment online can call the non-profit, Aging True. The organization will take down a list of names for those who need help. People can call them at (904) 807-1203.

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