Prime Osborn Center begins administering 2nd doses

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Duval County Health Department begins administering second doses Monday for people who got their vaccine at the site 28 days earlier.

The vaccine site the Prime Osborn Convention Center is no longer providing first doses of the vaccine, as all public COVID-19 vaccinations in Duval County have moved to Regency Mall. But anyone who received their first dose at the convention center is asked to return at the same time 28 days later to receive their second Moderna shot.

Most who were vaccinated in the first few days were Jacksonville Fire-Rescue employees and those who work for the city of Jacksonville, so they will be returning this week.

Florida residents 65 or older and front-line health care workers who have not had their first shot of the vaccine can call 866-200-3762 to make an appointment at Regency.

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