Father, daughter go magnet fishing to help clean local waterways

Duo has pulled up some surprising finds -- including 4 firearms

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – A St. Augustine father and daughter duo spend their time together helping clean Northeast Florida’s beautiful waterways -- by magnet fishing.

News4Jax caught up with Jason Garcia and his 10-year-old daughter, Lauren, at the Trout River Pier to learn more about their efforts.

The duo say they go out every week to a new location around the area.

“It helps clean up the environment and I get to make memories with my dad,” Lauren said.

They search for river treasures -- and sometimes pull up surprising finds.

“You’d be surprised what people are throwing in the waters,” Jason said. “Every time we pull that magnet up, it could be anything from a rusty nail to a gun.”

This is the magnet the Garcias use to reel in their treasures. (WJXT)

Jason and Lauren have seen it all.

“My favorite memory so far is finding all the guns that we found because that means we can help solve a crime,” Lauren said.

They’ve pulled up four guns, including a loaded revolver. They turned all the weapons over to authorities.

“Hopefully will find something like a gun that helps solve a crime,” Jason said.

JSO said when a gun is turned in, it is processed and can help solve a case or provide a potential lead.

In an effort to educate and clean the environment, the Garcias started a Youtube channel called “Daddy and Daughter Plus Water.” Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrzGkiSnenc0hvQRKuKkhug.

Their love for the water and adventure bonds them together.

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